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Free Flight is a documentary on the Miskito people of Honduras and their attempt to save their natural resources, especially the scarlet macaw, from land-grabbers and poachers intent on destroying them. The Miskitos are a pre-industrial society who believe that every animal and tree in the forest is an individual whom they must take pains not to offend. Can they preserve their culture, their language, and their macaws, who play an important role in the ecosystem and also symbolize freedom for them?


 "Everything is at risk, so I am willing to risk everything.  If the birds don't make it, neither do my people."




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Tomas Manzanares Ruiz,

Miskito Environmental Activist

About the Conservation Project

The  Miskito people are willing to risk everything to save their macaws from extinction. The conservationists have taught the locals to safely monitor the birds in their nests and a research station has been built to help care for birds who have been seized by poachers.


They need more training, as well as support to finance parrot patrols that discourage poachers and combat fires set by humans that threaten the food and nest trees.


The local people also need support with managing birds that they rescue from poachers and that the Forestry Department (ICF) brings to them. As the only operational "rescue center" in the region, and because confiscating birds is a key component of the conservation program, they need training, supplies, and a veterinary presence, which this project will supply.


Life is being saved in Honduras!  In May a WILD PARROT RESCUE CENTER was recently established with little funds, and already the young rescued parrots are flying free. This Center also saves human lives, for it provides income and tools for the indigenous people there to take a stand against powerful forces that seek to diminish the beauty and possibility of their ancestral lands.


To aid them, we have created a unique crowd funding campaign site and are hoping to leverage the power of your social networks to make this a total success.


Screenings and Awards











Best Shorts Special Merit Award

Best Environmental Documentary  MovieScreenPro Film Festival

Award of Merit, Directing, Southern Shorts

Award of Merit, Cinematography, Southern Shorts



Culture Unplugged Online Film Festival

ended Jan. 15, 2016


Alexandria Film Festival

Festival Dates: Nov 6 2016 – Nov 8 2016


Colorado Environmental Film Festival

Festival Dates: Feb 18 -20, 2016


Kolkata International Wildlife & Environment Film Festival - India

Festival Dates: Dec 2 -6, 2016



Madrid, Spain


Cinema Grand Prix 2017

Bali, Indonesia


Latino and Iberian Film Festival at Yale

November, 2016


Colortape International Film Festival

April, 2017


Docs Without Borders Film Festival

May, 2017


Movie Screen Pro

Environmental Documentary

April, 2017


Festival International De Cine Del Aire El Yelmo

February, 2017


Docant - Muestra Del Documental Antropologico y Social

January, 2017


Tanger International Film Festival

September, 2017


Visualisme Audiovisual & Mujer

September, 2017



September, 2017



September, 2017



November, 2017




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Denise Richards is a graphic designer, documentary filmmaker, artist, and educator.


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